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Advantages of the Ukrainian Clinical Trial market

  1. Good geographical location and demography
    • 45 000 000 people
    • Location in the strategically important region of Eastern Europe
    • Five cities with population above 1 000 000
  2. Matured clinical infrastructure
    • Around 60 international CRO’s and Sponsors conduct their studies here
    • Global logistics companies (TNT, DHL, World Courier) have good infrastructure in Ukraine ensuring fast delivery of clinical materials from over the world and throughout the country;
    • Several Ukrainian clinical depots involved exclusively in clinical logistics and complying with the strictest GMP/GCP/ISO requirements provide efficient logistical support of clinical trials
    • Number of  private art-of-date laboratories have customized their services to meet most of Sponsors needs and requirements
  3. Well-developed public  healthcare system
    • The main national health care provider is a well-established network of public-sector healthcare settings organized by a territorial principle with vertical patients referrals; such organization of health system ensures concentration of patients with certain pathologies in large specialized regional centers; this facilitates easy subject recruitment including orphan indications
    • The highest number of physicians and public healthcare institutions per 10,000 of population in the CIS and CEE regions
    • The system of medical education includes 15 medical universities, a number of specialized scientific and postgraduate educational settings  
  4. Regulatory policy
    • National legislation is being intensively adapted to the EU requirements pursuing the country’s objective to  joining the EU
    • Regulatory policy is very favorable to the development of clinical trial industry over years; the government considers  clinical trials as an effective tool to bring in investment in the health care system, educate scientific personnel and prevent ‘brain drain’ overseas
    • Study review by Health Authorities takes two months that is in line with the EU timelines; 90% of clinical trials are approved by the authorities including pediatric and placebo-controlled studies
  5. Study performance
    • Many naive-treated patients that are motivated in accessing to innovative therapies ensure high recruitment rates
    • Low mobility of population contributes to retaining subjects  in a trial
    • High data quality  
    • Extremely motivated and qualified investigators who see their involvement  in clinical trials as an important opportunity to be in the front line of innovations and get integrated  into the global medical science community
    • Low costs due to shorter study timelines, cheaper infrastructure and investigator fees comparing to other Eastern European countries and Russia
    • Local CRO’s have opportunity to hire  the brightest people in the local labor market: most of local CRA’s are certified physicians that considerably improve quality of clinical trial management 
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