About us

Guidance to the world of logistics.

Centre of Clinical Research Ltd (CCR) is a highly specialized company occupied the niche of Clinical Trial Logistics in Ukraine.

Our services include organization of full chain of clinical trials logistics starting from liaising with involved parties including Sponsor, Clinical Research Organizations (CRO), third party vendors, suppliers and manufacturers of Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP), regulatory state authorities and other parts that are vital for trouble-free supply chain.

CCR has experience of providing logistics support for clinical trials since 2003. With our highly experienced local team we can provide solutions for your clinical trial needs whether it is receipt of necessary import licenses for materials for clinical studies, storage and delivery of materials in research centers in accordance with necessary temperature conditions, up-to-date controlling and reporting on country specific legislation, awareness about local custom requirements or transportation possibilities and last but not least with the destruction or export of IMP left after study closeout.

Successfully passed audits by leading Pharmaceutical Companies and CRO, as well as external audits by independent companies are the best proofs of high quality services provided by our company in clinical trial logistics. They rely on our well established Quality Management System and Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) created to meet international and local requirements, they areconstantly implementedand improved in order to ensure that patient safety will not suffer.

At CCR we believe that secure storage, accurate reception and in-time distribution of goods are key functions of depot, that’s why we are continually investing into increasing of capacity and improving warehouse systems.

Warehouse is situated in suburb of Kyiv in a separate two-level building at quiet, secure place. Warehouse uses centralized electricity system with back up: centralized energy system (diesel-generator of 30 kW) and in case of necessity (despite of centralized electricity) it will immediately provide sufficient electricity amount for warehouse refrigerators and conditioner/ climate control system. Water supply and heating systems are centralized as well..

Our storage areas are fully validated, continuously monitored and alarmed to ensure the security of your goods. All facilities are maintained according to annual service contracts. Warehouse and all Study Materials are insured.